Brushing your teeth with the tap turned off is a simple and effective way to improve oral health, combat bad breath, and reduce daily water use. Leaving the tap off when brushing can save you 24 litres of water every day - now there's something to smile about. 

There's a lot of conflicting messages about the best way to brush your teeth, but fear not, as Sutton-based Dental Surgeon Satwinder Singh Hira is on hand to clear up the confusion once and for all with his efficient tooth brushing techniques. If you like this blog, check out the #TapChat for more expert advice and ways to save water.

1. Clean between your teeth

Start with cleaning between your teeth. You can use floss, interdental sticks, air, water or wooden sticks. Have a thorough rinse using one hand full of water only to remove any food particles that were removed.

2. Brush the gums

Use a soft or medium tooth brush (manual or electric) to gently brush the gums with small round movements one tooth at a time. It should take approximately 30 seconds per quadrant and a full two minutes for the full mouth and you should do this at least twice a day.

3. Spit, don't rinse 

After you have cleaned all the surfaces (front, back and the biting surfaces), spit out the toothpaste but don't rinse the excess off as this helps to deliver the fluoride for a further 30 minutes which makes your teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks. By leaving the excess toothpaste on to continue it's job, you'll improve the quality of your brushing and it saves water too. 

4. Turn off the tap

Do not let too much water ruin the perfect brushing technique. Make sure to turn the tap off while brushing your teeth - this could save up to 24 litres a day (a running tap uses 6 litres per minute). Following these tips will help to save water, it stops you needing a wee, and helps the environment too. if you (or your family) find it hard to remember to leave the tap off, leave a post-it or message on the mirror. 

I hope these tips clarify some of the confusing mixed messages and make it easier to brush your teeth whilst also saving water. 

- Satwinder

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