Hubbub is launching a series of new campaigns helping people to follow a more plant-based diet. On current trends, meat and dairy consumption is predicted to double by 2050. This isn’t sustainable which is why we are creating new partnerships to take on this pressing issue. Our first collaboration is with Nuffield gym, Nationwide, BaxterStorey and the Wellcome Trust challenging gym users to reduce meat consumption.

'Meat your Match'

'Meat your Match' is a two-month campaign challenging male gym users to replace half of their animal-based protein with plant-based protein.

Those participating have received a Garmin fitness tracker and a consultation with a nutritional practitioner providing each of them with a personalised, accessible and tasty meal plan, helping them to meet their fitness objectives and complete the protein challenge.

People are more likely to stick to new habits if they are part of a self-supporting group. To generate a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition Hubbub has created an online platform and developed a series of workshops and cookery session.

From our research with the University of Southampton, we know the sensitivities around persuading people to change diets – particularly reducing meat consumption.

Why men and meat?

'Meat your Match' is deliberately aimed at male gym users as 60% of men exceed current guidance on daily consumption of red and processed meat. Research indicates that for many men, eating meat is embedded into the cultural consciousness following the mantra that people have always eaten meat as part of their diet and there is no reason to change this.

Men are also susceptible to “protein fever” which has bolstered a multibillion-pound protein supplement industry. According to Mintel, three-quarters of consumers indicated that they used high-protein foods/beverages in 2016, with a quarter of the population specifically using high protein sport’s nutrition bars.

'Meat you Match' is seeking to tackle this trend head-on by targeting an audience known to consume high levels of protein from meat and dairy, and challenge preconception by demonstrating the value of plant based alternatives.

As with everything we do here at Hubbub, we will be monitoring results to determine what has a positive and tangible impact. Results will be shared this summer and will inform further work. An 'Inspiration Guide' will be created that can be used by gyms and employers as a way of helping their employees and customers follow a healthier fitness regime with less environmental impact.

'Meat your Match' is a new development for our food hub which to-date has concentrated on cutting food waste. This is a new area of work for Hubbub but is one we believe is essential for the well-being of people and planet. If you would be interested in partnering with us on future campaigns please get in touch.

Watch this video to find out more about men, meat and the protein myth: