Are Community Fridges the start of a sharing revolution?

We are delighted to announce that grant funding from the Big Lottery will enable us to scale this ambition to 70 Community Fridges over the next three years.Read more

Let’s go Plastic Fishing

A few weeks ago Hubbub launched the world’s first plastic recycled boat, Poly-Mer, which has been taking businesses Plastic Fishing to cut marine pollution and provide a great team day out. Today Hubbub is delighted to announce that thanks to the incredibly generous financial support from London’s largest independent grant funder, City Bridge Trust, we will be able to run 55 free educational Plastic Fishing trips for school children in London.Read more

Nudging people away from fast fashion

For three years Hubbub has been exploring how to change our addiction to fast fashion. It has been our biggest challenge. Most of the large retailers are hooked on ever shorter fashion seasons. With no obvious alternative business model available to mainstream retailers, Hubbub has explored how we can nudge people away from fast fashion.Read more

Five steps to reducing single-use plastics

Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans each year. Last week it emerged that plastics have even been discovered in creatures living seven miles beneath the sea. What are the five steps that need to be taken to fully address the problem?Read more

Is the way we value our wardrobes changing?

Every year millions of unwanted or unworn clothes are tossed into landfill and while we’re all becoming familiar with the adage ‘buy less, but better’, what if we stopped buying at all? We take a look at some of the top fashion sharing and swapping apps.Read more

Top takeaways from national Neat Streets Roadshows

This year we set an ambition to support councils across the UK by running a series of Neat Streets Roadshows. Here are some of the top tips we’ve been sharing.Read more

Hubbub’s five steps to a circular economy

The shocking amount of plastics in our oceans shows new solutions are needed to cut waste. Hubbub has just launched the Poly Mer, a boat made from 99% recycled plastics that will fish plastics from London’s waterways. This is the start of our ambition to create a more circular economy. Here is our five step plan.Read more

Hubbub launches world’s first recycled plastic boat

Hubbub is delighted to announce the launch of Poly-Mer – the world’s first recycled plastic punt. The boat will be used to run plastic fishing trips in the waters around London’s Docklands. The collected plastics will be used to make more boats creating a growing flotilla that will help clean our waterways.Read more

Hubbub launches #SewSpooky

This year in the UK consumers are set to spend £510 million on Halloween costumes, with 4 in 10 worn only once. We're launching #SewSpooky to cut textiles waste at Halloween.Read more

Bring Back Heavy Metal aims to turn UK battery recycling up to 11

178 million batteries are hoarded in UK homes. #BringBackHeavyMetal encourages people to have a battery amnesty this October.Read more