Hubbub launches #TheCupFund

Hubbub is delighted to announce #TheCupFund, a new grant fund that has opened that aims to kickstart paper cup recycling across the UK. Made possible by Starbucks's 5p charge on paper cups the fund will provide grants of £50,000 to £100,000. Read more

Thinking of switching to green energy?

Switching to a green energy provider is one of the best ways to reduce our environmental impact at home. What is green energy and how does it get into our homes? Find out here Read more

Hubbub announces winners for the Plastic Fishing Tour

A new punt made from 99% recycled plastic will be travelling to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and central Scotland as part of a national Plastic Fishing tour. The tour, which runs from April to June, will raise awareness of plastic pollution in UK Rivers and canals. Read more

5 tips from female leaders on how to combat climate change

It’s a global celebration of women’s achievements and to mark the occasion the I caught up with four inspirational female leaders working in sustainability. Read their advice and watch the vlog here Read more

Hubbub to double the number of Community Fridges

We're so excited to announce plans to double the size of the world’s first Community Fridge Network from 50 to 100 fridges by the end of 2020. Read more

Hubbub announces new Air Quality partnership with King's College London

How does exposure to poor air change across different daily routines? Hubbub is partnering with King’s College London to find out by tracking the personal exposure of ten Londoners over seven days. Read more

Sustainable fashion for every budget

Looking for ethical fashion that is affordable? We’ve put together a hitlist of our favourite designers and brands for every budget so that you can get your fashion kicks in a sustainable way. Read more

What I learnt going vegan for the week

Is veganism hitting the mainstream? Our vlogger Sarah Divall went to find out, read about her experiences and check out the brand new video Read more

Recycling on the high street: lessons from Leeds

#LeedsByExample, the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-street recycling, has been running for just over four months. Here are five things we have learned to-date. Read more

Is 2019 the year of the climate conscious diet?

A couple of years back very few people would have connected eating a burger with the impact it has on climate change but things have changed dramatically. Could the new 'Planetary Health Diet’ avert global environmental catastrophe? Read more