Sustainable fashion for every budget

Looking for ethical fashion that is affordable? We’ve put together a hitlist of our favourite designers and brands for every budget so that you can get your fashion kicks in a sustainable way.Read more

What I learnt going vegan for the week

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Recycling on the high street: lessons from Leeds

#LeedsByExample, the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-street recycling, has been running for just over four months. Here are five things we have learned to-date.Read more

Is 2019 the year of the climate conscious diet?

A couple of years back very few people would have connected eating a burger with the impact it has on climate change but things have changed dramatically. Could the new 'Planetary Health Diet’ avert global environmental catastrophe?Read more

Waitrose & Partners launches new £1 million grant fund supported by Hubbub

Waitrose & Partners have launched their ‘Plan Plastic – The Million Pound Challenge’ grant fund to support projects that tackle plastic waste and pollution. Find out what it will fund and who can apply.Read more

New business partnership to cut exposure to air pollution

Despite mounting evidence of the harmful impact that poor air quality is having on our health, there is little concerted activity to raise public awareness. Hubbub aims to fill this void by promoting on-going behaviour change and creatively using street architecture to positively engage people.Read more

The sustainability crystal Ball for 2019

As the year begins we're faced with political stagnation around Brexit and increasingly erratic behaviour from powerful world leaders. Against this backdrop trying to predict what will be the major environmental trends for 2019 is not easy – but here goes!Read more

Five things Hubbub discovered in 2018

2018 has been a momentous year for the environmental agenda and a big year for Hubbub. In the context of a changing climate and uncertainty, we've continued to experiment. Here are five things we've discovered.Read more

Hubbub announces national Plastic Fishing Tour

With thanks to Starbucks and the Mirror Group, we're building and giving away our next Plastic Fishing punt, made from 99% recycled plastic. Will your town be next to host Plastic Fishing trips?Read more

How can Hubbub continue to innovate?

We began with a mere £25,000 grant and we have since built a £2 million charity. As we enter our fifth year the question is how do we keep innovating? Here are the five steps we will take.Read more