Hubbub and Mothercare set ambitious target for circular economy campaign

#GiftABundle Mother's Day campaign aims to redistribute 65,000 pieces of outgrown baby clothing to support UK families.Read more

Is the Government right to demonise plastic?

The launch of the government’s 25 year environment strategy, the emotional power of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has turned the spotlight on plastic. Challenging the throwaway society is welcomed but we need to move away from ‘all plastics are bad’ to approaches that are truly more sustainable.Read more

Hubbub expands water-saving partnership with Affinity Water

The increasingly erratic climate and growing population in the south-east means that households in the region will need to start thinking about their water use. Hubbub are working with Affinity Water to communicate the need to save water at home.Read more

It's winter and it's raining, so why are we at risk of drought?

The Guardian recently announced that we're likely to be heading into drought this spring. This might seem strange in the middle of winter, so we take a look at why this is happening.Read more

Cutting plastic waste: Hubbub’s five step plan

The government has an ambition to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. This aim is close to Hubbub’s heart and one we are already working towards in collaboration with businesses and communities. Here are the five practical steps we are taking.Read more

Hubbub announces new partnership with Starbucks to promote reusable coffee cups

The Environmental Select Committee has called for a levy on disposable coffee cups. We believe that more testing is required to assess the impact a charge may have on changing behaviour. We're delighted to announce a partnership with Starbucks that will trial and promote a 5p cup charge in 20 - 25 central London stores.Read more

Save £1000 and live a greener life

IKEA and Hubbub have been helping people to re-think their daily lives. Based on what we've discovered, here are five top tips for saving £1000 a year and being kinder to the planet.Read more

Are Community Fridges the start of a sharing revolution?

We're delighted to announce that grant funding from the Big Lottery will enable us to set up 70 Community Fridges over the next three years.Read more

Let’s go Plastic Fishing

Poly-Mer is the world's first plastic recycled boat, which has been taking businesses Plastic Fishing to cut marine pollution and provide a great team day out. We're delighted to announce that thanks to financial support from London’s largest independent grant funder, City Bridge Trust, we'll be able to run 55 free educational Plastic Fishing trips for school children in London.Read more