Hubbub announces national Plastic Fishing Tour

With thanks to Starbucks and the Mirror Group, we're building and giving away our next Plastic Fishing punt, made from 99% recycled plastic. Will your town be next to host Plastic Fishing trips?Read more

How can Hubbub continue to innovate?

We began with a mere £25,000 grant and we have since built a £2 million charity. As we enter our fifth year the question is how do we keep innovating? Here are the five steps we will take.Read more

Is fast fashion spooking the planet?

In 2017 an estimated 39 million people in the UK dressed up for Halloween, and 4 in 10 costumes are worn only once. #SewSpooky encourages people to swap, rewear or make a DIY costume that won't spook the planet.Read more

Hubbub brings the #TapChat to Dorking

Even when it’s rainy and grey outside we need to use water wisely. To raise awareness about the need to save water whatever the weather we're bringing the #TapChat to Dorking.Read more

UK’s biggest collaboration to improve recycling on the go

The UK gets through 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 2.5 billion coffee cups each year and so much isn't recycled. #LeedsByExample launches with 24 collaborators to improve recycling on the go.Read more

Introducing #NEFFKitchenLove

How can we tackle household food waste in a way that involves the whole family? #NEFFKitchenLove launched on National Grandparents' Day is encouraging young and old to share skills and pass on favourite family recipes.Read more

Why Hubbub is urging people to Bring Back Heavy Metal

The UK gets through 40 million tonnes of portable batteries but only 45% currently get recycled, so this October we're making a noise about battery recycling.Read more

Five ways city living will have to adapt to climate change

Climate science suggests we will suffer more extreme heatwaves in future, so how will our daily lives need to change to cope?Read more

Getting Food Savvy in East Anglia

With the average East Anglian family wasting £810 of edible food per year, Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils have joined forces with Hubbub to fight food waste in the regionRead more

Can an unusual biker brake the cycle of litter?

A sculpture made from bike-related litter rides into the Forest of Dean to raise awareness on the issue of littering.Read more