Sainsbury’s is launching a £10 million project to tackle household food waste with a bold five year plan that could transform communities across the UK. 

We're delighted to be helping Sainsbury’s deliver the ambitious Waste Less, Save More initiative which launches this week with a search for one UK town to benefit from £1 million investment and become the test bed for innovation to discover which initiatives are most effective in reducing household food waste.

Findings and recommendations from this trial phase in year one will be developed into a blueprint and made public in year two so that communities across the country can benefit from the results.

The subsequent years will be focused on supporting the changes that need to be made to make a long-term difference and measuring the impact of the activity. 

Household food waste is an escalating issue which sees 7 million tonnes of food and drink wasted annually, with the average family throwing away £700 of food per year.

What's involved

The trial town will have a population of between 15,000 and 300,000 and have a Sainsbury’s store within a five mile radius. The town must demonstrate a strong sense of community and be keen and willing to work together to tackle food waste. Sainsbury’s will work together with the town to devise a year-long investment plan that might include:

  • Fridge innovations for the home to track when food is beginning to go off
  • Smart bins to assist town councils in monitoring recycling collection
  • Reward programmes to encourage recycling 
  • New packaging to keep products fresher for longer
  • Educational programmes for local schools and community centres

Find out more and nominate your town

Individuals or community groups that would like to nominate their town to work with Sainsbury’s and benefit from £1 million investment as part of its Waste Less, Save More project can find out more here. 

Nomination's must be submitted by Friday 30th October
 and the winning town will be announced on 1 December 2015.