Last week we heard about the shocking rise in the amount of plastic on Britain’s beaches. Much of this is littered from the land. Alongside better recycling facilities and stronger government policies we need a fundamental change in behaviour.

A few weeks ago Hubbub launched the world’s first plastic recycled boat, Poly-Mer, which has been taking businesses Plastic Fishing to cut marine pollution and provide a great team day out. Today Hubbub is delighted to announce that thanks to the incredibly generous financial support from London’s largest independent grant funder, City Bridge Trust, we will be able to run 55 free educational Plastic Fishing trips for school children in London.

Free educational trips

The educational trips will take children around the waterways of London’s Docklands where they will be able to fish out the huge amount of plastic and other litter that regularly accumulates. The idea came from Canary Wharf College who ran a series of trial trips with their students. They discovered that Plastic Fishing helped students connect with their local environment, cleared the waterways of litter and showed that waste plastic can have a real value. Inspired by the experience we hope that Plastic Fishing will positively change how London’s younger generations see and treat the river.

Employee engagement

Employees from Barclays and PwC have both been Plastic Fishing too and we have had great feedback from these pilot trips. PwC’s team thought it was “a really new and thought-provoking activity…[with] brilliant information on the link between the Plastic Fishing activity and the problem of ocean plastics.” Building on this success, Hubbub is now offering Plastic Fishing trips to other companies. Please email us to find out more.


Promoting the Circular Economy

One of the boats being used for Plastic Fishing is the ground-breaking Poly-Mer. This traditional punt made from 99% recycled plastic was built by the man who made the Queen’s royal barge. The boat demonstrates that discarded plastic has a real value.

Our intention is to use the plastics that we collect from Plastic Fishing to help build another boat, and we already have a number of organisations interested in funding Poly-Mer 2. Hubbub will be launching a crowd-funding campaign to support this ambition – watch this space for more details.

Our Plastic Fishing campaign is a practical way to reduce the amount of litter in our waterways, to raise awareness and promote behaviour change. To get involved please email [email protected]


Photos: Lynn Bew