A flavoursome Fund to boost cooking with plants

With food prices rising, Hubbub is facing growing calls from community groups for support that will allow them to offer free cooking courses in their locality to help people save money by cooking more from scratch. Our recent polling found 4 in 10 people are being more creative with leftovers due to rising prices. 

Like many charities, Hubbub is seeing increasing demands on our services and is exploring new ways to raise funds at a time when financial pressures are growing. We need to ensure that our fundraising efforts align with our values and, ideally, help to reinforce our charitable aims.

Our partnership with The Flavourists is a new approach for Hubbub aiming to raise funds to support cooking skills in community settings whilst also reaffirming our ambition to promote more protein-diverse diets.

Expanding community kitchens and cooking skills

The Flavourists is a new range of meal kits designed to inspire creative cooking with plants. Launching in Waitrose, Booths and Ocado over the coming weeks, the kits will help customers to prepare quick, easy, plant-based meals and explore new flavours.

The Flavourists’ ambition is to donate 5% of their profits to a ‘Flavourist’s Fund’ which will allow Hubbub to increase the access that communities across the UK have to new cooking skills. This will be achieved by working in partnership with local community groups, building on the experience we have in creating community kitchens, and through our rapidly expanding Community Fridge Network.

Why flavourists? Why now?

From Hubbub’s perspective the partnership is interesting for three reasons:

1) The sale of plant-based and vegetarian ready meals is soaring and now represents a fifth of all ready meals sold by UK supermarkets, according to our friends at Eating Better*. Among the ready meal category, plant-based options are the fastest-growing, up by 92% since 2018. As well as encouraging more plant-based and vegetarian eating, this trend also benefits households financially as most plant-based ready meals are cheaper per portion than meat-based alternatives. Hubbub is supportive of this change in eating habits and our partnership with The Flavourists demonstrates our backing for this transition.

2) There are a growing number of companies making a serious commitment to deliver on sustainability ambitions and it is possible that they could be seeking charity partnerships to deepen the impact of their activities. Hubbub is intrigued to see if this could open new funding opportunities for ourselves and other green charities.

3) The partnership will allow us to target funding towards community groups in low-income areas delivering support that will help people eat more healthily and get the most value from the food they buy. We will capture and report on the impact of funding, creating case studies enabling The Flavourists to demonstrate the difference their support has made.

As with any new approach, there is no guarantee of success, but Hubbub is excited by the partnership and will share our findings in the months ahead.

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