Hubbub is delighted to announce a new media partnership with the Mirror Group that will help four communities across the UK to clean their local waterways of plastic and litter. Thanks to funding from the Starbucks paper cup charge, Hubbub is building a third boat made from 99% recycled plastic. We will be offering the boat for free to community groups in four locations, where it will be used to take children and businesses Plastic Fishing. One group will win the boat to keep permanently.

The Plastic Fishing Tour will raise awareness and highlight that it is possible to recycle plastic within the UK, turning it into durable, useful products. It will also show that if plastic escapes into the natural environment it is highly damaging. The message will be reinforced with free curriculum linked education resources available for interested schools.

The Mirror Group is calling on its readers to send Hubbub photographs of the impact of plastic in their local waterways. We will then select four areas which we believe will most benefit and arrange for a week of Plastic Fishing to clean each area.

The tour encapsulates Hubbub’s model of working. Plastic Fishing was inspired by pupils, teachers and parents at Canary Wharf College who had heard about the approach from Amsterdam. We worked with the College to turn their idea into reality. In 12 months the first boat, Poly-Mer, has taken over 1,000 people Plastic Fishing around London’s Docklands collecting over 1,250 plastic bottles and generating nearly £10,000 in donations for the College.

Inspired by this success, funding from Tideway and the Starbucks paper cup charge enabled a second boat to be built, The PET Project, based in Richmond where further fishing trips will be organised.

The Plastic Fishing Tour will make a third boat freely available to a community group in the UK. Hubbub will support them in creating a model that will enable them to use the boat to generate revenue, engage local schools, raise awareness of littering and clean the local waterways. We see this as a great way for us to create impact and help a community group develop without expanding our own team.

Funding for the campaign has been provided through the 5p coffee cup charge that Starbucks has introduced across all their stores. This charge is successfully encouraging customers to switch to reusable cups and is also generating funding that will enable a growing number of Hubbub campaigns to be implemented over the coming months.

If you would like to see Plastic Fishing in your area please do apply.