Taking good food further

In partnership with the Mayor of London and Southwark Council, Hubbub is delighted to announce that Food Connect is expanding to Southwark in London. Food Connect tackles food waste and creates green jobs by using electric vans and cargo bikes to redistribute surplus food.

Past and predicted success

Food Connect has been successfully trialled in Milton Keyes where it has proved invaluable in tackling the ‘final mile’ challenge allowing surplus good quality food to be quickly, efficiently and safely redistributed to local community groups. In the first year of operation, Food Connect Milton Keynes saved 240 tonnes of food from being wasted of which 50% was fruit and veg.   

Building on the Milton Keynes experience, Hubbub has partnered with the Mayor of London, Albrighton Community Centre and Southwark Council to launch the new Food Connect initiative. The food will be redistributed through the local Community Fridge with the aim of saving over 300,000 meals worth of food from waste in the first year. 

The Food Connect investment will further enhance the importance of the Albrighton Community Centre to the local community. The centre already provides much needed services to over 400 local residents a week, including running vaccination drives and providing citizens advice. The Community Fridge in the centre was one of the first in the country and redistributes over eight tonnes of food a month that would have been wasted.

The addition of the Food Connect service will help secure greater volumes and variety of food by offering a reliable and professional service to food retailers with surplus food available for redistribution.  It will cut carbon emissions by replacing food collections currently carried out by volunteers in their cars with an e-van operated by paid employees. Additionally, it will free volunteers’ time to focus on more socially focused initiatives.

Why Food Connect, why now? 

The expansion of Food Connect delivers on four of Hubbub’s key ambitions for this year. 

  1. We are acutely aware of the financial pressures facing many households with the UN predicting that food prices forecast could rise by up to 20% due to the war in Ukraine and wider pressures on food supply. Redistributing healthy food that would have been wasted is an obvious way to deliver environmental impact and help make household finances stretch further.
  2. We are constantly seeking to use our income and expertise to strengthen brilliant local community groups. These organisations are the best placed to meet the needs of their local area and the Albrighton Community Centre is a fabulous example of the value they provide.

  3. This year, we are extending our efforts to cut carbon emissions. Food Connect does this by reducing food waste and using electric vehicles instead of petrol or diesel cars.

  4. We believe that we can create a vibrant economy through the creation of fulfilling green jobs. Food Connect is a small example of how this ambition can be turned into reality.

We're not stopping there

Over the next year, we will be assessing the impact of Food Connect in both Milton Keynes and Southwark. This will provide evidence that will be used to consider how the service could be expanded to other communities. This could be part of Hubbub’s activities, through the creation of a new social enterprise or by collaborating with other like-minded organisations. We will let you know what we discover!

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