Hubbub is delighted to be one of the participating organisations in the Big Give’s Green Match Fund. This brilliant initiative shines a light on a wide range of charities doing great things for the environment and matches donations received from the public thanks to the generosity of sponsoring organisations.

Through the Green Match Fund, Hubbub is seeking to generate £15,000 of public donations with the aim of securing £30,000 to expand our Food Connect campaign. Our funding is matched thanks to support from the EQ Foundation.

Food connect: sharing food, reducing food waste and supporting communities

Food Connect uses a fleet of electric vehicles to distribute surplus food directly to local communities. This low carbon service creates green jobs, cuts food waste and makes healthy food freely available for households.

The opportunity for additional investment to support Food Connect is incredibly timely. As a result of COVID, rising costs and austerity, massive pressure is being placed on community groups. Many of these groups have shown incredible creativity, ingenuity and tenacity to provide essential support with limited time and resources.

Helping to deliver bigger impact in local groups

But there is only so much that they can achieve, many are in desperate need of additional resource and support. This is where Hubbub steps in. We know that we can help local community groups with the things they find difficult. We can help them to build connections with businesses that have surplus food, we can help them with safety regulations, their marketing and with measuring impact. Crucially we can provide funding which helps them to deliver bigger impact in their locality.

Our partnership with community groups in Milton Keynes to establish Food Connect is a good example of this approach in action. We listened to the needs of the local groups, found funding, helped them to become established and then stepped back allowing the real experts get on with the job. We saw a massive impact. In the first year 240 tonnes of food were saved along with 8 tonnes of carbon emissions and six green jobs were created.

Building on this, Hubbub has been able to use our knowledge to support other community organisations. One of these organisations is the Albrighton Community in Southwark, London. This brilliant community centre was one of the first to set up a Community Fridge and they realised that they needed a service like Food Connect to meet the growing demand from local residents. Hubbub was able to share all that had worked in Milton Keynes, flag the tricky stuff, help to access funding and then – again – step out of the way.

Providing further resources to guide other community groups across the UK

Our funding target seeks to provide further resources for Food Connect. This will strengthen the existing schemes in Milton Keynes and Southwark and generate further evidence that can be used to guide other community groups across the UK helping them to provide much needed support for households in their locality.

For further information and to donate to Food Connect follow the link below. Matched Funding is available until 29th April 2022.


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