In a country where it’s constantly raining, how do you persuade people that it’s important to save water? Hubbub is seeking to answer this question by launching #TapChat, a new partnership campaign with Affinity Water.

It would shock many to know there are genuine fears that if we have another dry winter the South East of England might be facing a drought. Existing water conservation schemes seem not to be effective in persuading people that this is sufficiently important to change behaviour. Hubbub’s survey of 3,000 UK adults revealed that 76% are not concerned about the amount of water their household uses and only 31% said their household could use less water if needed.

If worries about potential water shortages and environmental impact are not sufficient to nudge people to change behaviour what would work? The answer we believe is to start a conversation about hidden bathroom habits. Spend any time on chatrooms of sites like MumsNet and it becomes apparent that we find the daily routines of others fascinating. How long do you spend in the shower? How often should you clean your sheets? Do some people really clean their towels every day?

What are people doing?

Our survey lifted the secrets lurking behind bathroom doors. We discovered that people spend an average of 9 minutes in the shower. Londoners have the most indulgent showers, taking on average 11 minutes whilst those in the North East are speediest, with average showers of 7 minutes. Younger people are more inclined to linger longer, with 16-24 years olds taking an average of 13 minutes, compared with 7 minutes for over 55s. Our launch video below reveals the shower habits of others.

Survey respondents confessed to a range of activities that extend their shower time from singing and playing with the water to using social apps. Four in ten people admitted to running the shower for at least a minute before getting in, using the time to clean their teeth, shave or go to the toilet. 7% of people run the shower for 3 minutes or longer before getting in and some do exercises or make a cuppa while the water is running.

Making the connection between daily habits and water saving

Showers are often thought of as a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to baths. However, modern power showers pump out an average of 13 litres a minute, which means that a 6-minute power shower uses as much water as a bath. Cutting our shower times by two minutes could save 8 billion litres of water a week.

#TapChat aims to create a new debate about water use and has been built on deep customer insight. Hubbub has visited 40 households providing them with beautifully designed water saving devices and personalised water saving advice. Their stories have been captured giving real-life examples of how easy it is to save water without disrupting routines or quality of life.

We have created a playful online questionnaire enabling people to see what type of person they are when it comes to water habits, and access tips and resources relevant to their particular lifestyle. For example, you might find that you are a Busy Bee or a Day Dreamer. There is a video for each personality type giving three simple water saving tips. You can see an example of Day Dreamer below. Finally, there will be interactive displays around the Affinity Water region reinforcing the message and taking it directly to consumers.

Hubbub hopes #TapChat will start a playful and thought-provoking conversation amongst people about their daily water routines encouraging them to make simple changes that could have a significantly wider impact.

Why not take our quiz to see what type of water user you are?