Happy International Women’s Day! This year we’re celebrating the work of some of the climate scientists we know, and some we’ve even had the pleasure to work with. Had you heard of all of these inspiring women and the things they’ve worked on?  

1819-1888 Dr Eunice Newton Foote   

1907-1964 Rachel Carson  

1934 – present, Dame Jane Goodall (@Janegoodallinst)  

1940 – 2011 Dr Wangari Maathai   

1972 – present Dr Katharine Hayhoe (@katharinehayhoe)  

Dr Kimberly Miner (@dr.kimberleyrain)

Libby Bowles (@treadlighterlib)

Ellie Mackay (@ellieworldwide

Ndoni Mcunu (@ndonimcunu)

And here are 9 more amazing women who we celebrated last year!