Saving water in your university halls or house can be a real drain. Your housemates’ dishes piled up in the sink, the call of a long shower after a hard day of lectures, and the sheer horror of learning to use a washing machine for the first time (we’ve all been there).

Despite these difficulties, there’s a growing need for us to all try and use less water. Drier winters, warmer summers, and a growing population mean we’re putting a big strain on our water resources. On average each person uses around 150 litres of water per day on washing, cleaning, and cooking, yet 2 in 3 of us don’t think we can use less water. Can you?

This term we’re teaming up with Affinity Water and Affinity Water for Business to bring the #TapChat to the University of Hertfordshire to test ways to encourage students to save water and join the #TapChat. We’ll keep you posted with what we find out so watch this space.

Ready to dive right in? Check out our simple tips below! Don’t forget to let us know what you think by using the #TapChat hashtag on social media or email us on [email protected] – we’d love to say hello.

Not a student and want some tips yourself? Water-ver your lifestyle it’s time to join the #TapChat and change the flow of your daily water habits.  There are lots of simple things you can do to save water, most will save you time, are better for your skin and hair and can possibly save you money if you’re on a water meter (win, win, win!). Click here to get started.

1) Report any leaks to your landlord or halls manager

A leaky loo can waste between 215-400 litres of water a day and around 5-8% of loos in the UK are leaking. That’s a loo-t of water! A dripping tap can waste 15 litres a day (up to 5,500 litres over a year). If you notice any drips get them reported as soon as you can.  Check if your loo is leaking by sprinkling some flour at the back of the bowl, leave it for a bit and check back to see if it’s all still there (just make sure your flatmate hasn’t been in the meantime…).

2) Shorten your shower

Showers make up ¼ of all our water use. The optimal time to spend in the shower is around 4 minutes but on average we spend over double that! Spending more time than needed in the shower can be bad for your hair and skin. What’s more – if you cut your morning showers by 2 minutes each day you can get back almost an hour of sleep each month

3) Toilet tips

If you and your housemates aren’t quite ready to share a flush, there are a couple of things you can do. If your toilet has a dual flush system, meaning it has 2 buttons on the flusher, make sure you’re pressing the shorter flush for when you have a wee and the bigger flush for… well anything else. If you don’t have a dual flush you can order a save-a-flush bag from your water supplier (see tip 7) or just make sure you don’t have a leaky loo!

4) Turning off the tap

A shocking 68% of people leave the tap on when brushing their teeth. If you’re one of them just turn off your tap when brushing the teeth and you can save a splashing 24 litres of water per day!

5) Air out your laundry

Laundry making your head spin? We have a solution both your wallet and your clothes will like – wash your clothes a bit less… hanging up your clothes right after you take them off can help air them out and keep them still smelling fresh. If you need a quick fix between washes use a clothes freshener and when you do wash your clothes make sure you do a full load. This can all help reduce the amount of plastic microfibres your clothes shed too.

6) Make washing up a team effort

That mountain of dishes left in the sink might actually be helping you to save water. Making washing up a team effort for all the house can help reduce the amount of water you use. Make sure you use a sink bowl to catch the water and help your washing up liquid and hot water go further… (it also means you can leave those dishes to soak for a bit first too…).

7) Ask your water provider for some freebies

Who doesn't love free stuff? Your water provider has all sorts of freebies to help you save water. This is mostly relevant if you’ve moved into a house-share. Tell your housemates you’ve bagged them a free shower head (no need to say its water-saving…). Contact your water supplier or order via Save Water Save Money

8) Take the TapChat quiz and dive into personalised tips

In just 10 questions we aim to predict the type of water-user you are… don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and see how right we are.

Our #TapChat campaign in the University of Hertfordshire is funded by and delivered in partnership with Affinity Water, Affinity Water for Business and Fulcrum.