By Stine Wilhelmsen

Despite its rainy reputation, the South East of England receives a lot less rain than you might think – around the same as Melbourne, Australia. In the summer, demand for water rises alongside temperatures which put extra pressure on water resources. To preserve water supplies, we can all do a little to save a lot. Here are six simple tips for saving water in warmer weather which will save you time and money too!

1) Cold water

Instead of running the tap and waiting for the water to cool, leave a jug of water in the fridge to chill for instant cold water. Add some mint or fruit to create a healthy and refreshing drink.

2) Pool together

As temperatures creep up it can be tempting to bring out the paddling pool. Depending on the model, paddling pools use 500 to 600 litres per fill and take a lot of energy to fill and empty. Why not team up with other parents on your street to host paddling pool playdates instead? Take it in turns to fill the pool and share the load.

3) Make the paddling pool go further

If you do fill up a paddling pool use the paddling water to water plants or wash the car when the kids are done. Is the dog in need of a wash? Dip a towel in the paddling pool and use it to wipe Rover down.

4) Time your watering

Water plants in the early morning or at dusk to avoid moisture evaporating before it has done its job. For more tips on clever watering click here.

5) Pick the right plants

Not all plants are created equal and some thrive in dry, warm weather. Look out for plants with grey-green or silver leaves that are better at retaining moisture or reflecting the sun. Not only will you save water but you also won't need to spend as much time and energy looking after your garden. Lavender, Geraniums and Petunias make good picks – find more here.

6) Wait for the rain

After a period of dry weather, you may notice your lawn turning brown. Don't Panic. Although it looks bad there's no need to start watering the lawn, only a severe drought would actually kill it. Wait for a good downpour and watch your lawn bounce back to its vibrant green self.

Get free water saving products here and join the #TapChat for more tips that will save you time, water and money.