Do you want to cut down on plastic? Save moneyKnow exactly what's in your cleaning products?  These DIY natural cleaning methods are your answer.

They use simple kitchen ingredients that can work wonders at removing tough stains and can be just as effective as the heavily packaged and pricey counterparts in the shops! So pop on your marigolds and give these DIY spring cleaning methods a try. 

1) Vinegar all-purpose cleaner 

Turns out it’s not just for chips! The only ingredient you need to create this all-purpose cleaner is distilled white vinegar.  Simply mix equal parts of vinegar with water to make a solution that’s perfect for cleaning windows and surfaces and can even be added to dishwashers to make your plates and glasses sparkling clean. 

Vinegar contains acetic acid that gives it that sharp smell and helps it lift stubborn stains. Acid doesn't mix with everything though, so don’t use it on wooden or stone surfaces like marble or granite. 

2) Baking Soda Oven Cleaner 

The one job in the kitchen that no one looks forward to is cleaning the oven, and the fumes from shop-bought oven cleaners don’t help. But there is a DIY alternative! 

Simply combine 7 tbsp of baking soda and 2-3 tbsp of water until it becomes a thick paste. Once you’ve emptied your oven, put on rubber gloves and apply the paste to the inside surfaces using a sponge to give it a good old scrub. Once it’s applied, leave it overnight whilst it does its magic and wipe it off with a damp cloth in the morning. Voila! Your oven should be looking fresh and clean. 

Savvy tip: this baking soda cleaner also works wonders on any stubborn stains on baking trays or pans! 

3) Lemon Limescale remover 

Depending on where you live and the hardness of your water, calcium and magnesium in water can build up around your appliances and bathroom and lead to limescale. Not only does it ruin their sparkle but it also can make appliances less energy efficient as it means they have to work harder. 

But fear not! Lemons are a fresh solution. Their acidic properties make them the perfect nemesis against limescale. For a simple limescale remover simply rub half a lemon on the affected areas like bathroom and kitchen taps and rinse with water. Tah dah! Sparkling. 

4) Citrus Wood Polish 

Another fruit that can do o-range of tasks is the humble orange! Oranges contain natural oils that make a great alternative to wood polish. Simple rub the white pith of leftover orange peel on anything wooden (furniture, bowls or utensils), then rub the area with a cloth and you’ll be left with a glossy shine. It works a treat on water stains too! 

Savvy tip: Add the leftover orange peels to your shoes overnight to absorb any moisture and to keep them smelling fresh! 

5) Onion Grill cleaner 

Summer weather may mean more BBQs, but the thought of cleaning the grill grate-s on your mind! To make your BBQ glisten, simply use a leftover half of an onion and stick it to the end of a fork. Turn your grill on and rub the cut side onto the grill to remove any burnt bits or residue. You go, grill! 

6) Banana skin Leather polish 

Don’t find traditional shoe polish a-peeling? Turns out that bananas are the perfect replacement (I know, we are as shocked as you!) Simply rub the inside of a banana peel onto your leather shoes and then buff it with a dry cloth. The potassium in bananas will make them nice and shiny! Haven't eaten your bananas yet? Try using them in our vegan banana bread recipe and remember to save the peels!

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