With more of us working from home, it’s important that we look after ourselves during this strange and uncertain time, and support both our work and our wellbeing. We’ve created some tips on creating a good working environment, staying connected and also how to keep our creativity flowing and ourselves positive, occupied and motivated.  

Here are some simple things to keep your 'work from home' days on track.  

1) Create your new workspace  

  • Try to choose a table or desk and create a designated work area that’s separate from where you relax if possible.  
  • Make this space light comfortable and tidy and keep a window open for some fresh air.  
  • Get your feng shui on point, have a tidy up and surround yourself with nice things - house plants for example, go wild! 

2) Plan your day 

Create a daily to do list and block out time for different tasks and breaks. At Hubbub some of us have found whiteboard with a timetable helpful. Set yourself rewards to help you stay focused. Setting a clear ‘work time’ boundary may help you feel productive and mean work doesn’t start to creep into your personal time. 

 3) Stay connected and social

With your team

  • Stay in touch with your team through the power of tech, whatever your preferred platform (try Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom), why not have a daily morning team check-in to feel connected?  
  • Make the effort to call people instead of just sending them an email - you can really get creative with your meetings and brainstorms from sharing screens to working together on live documents. Just remember to turn off your mic and video when appropriate (the internet is full of stories of people slightly over-sharing!) 

With your friends 

  • It’s important to keep in contact with friends and family at this time and keep your morale up. You can use a variety of tools to do this like: FaceTime; Skype; Zoom, Whereby, and Google Hangouts for group calls; WhatsApp voice notes; and social media, inc. Facebook groups.  
  • Keep an eye out for different virtual entertainment popping up across social media including virtual video games, boardgames, live streaming of comedy and music gigs and much more.  
  • Schedule text/phone/video call dates with people so you have something to look forward to. Reaching out when you are already lonely is more difficult.  

4) Eat and exercise well

  • Eat well – batch cook stew, curry or soup and freeze in portions. There are plenty of freezer friendly foods and recipes that can be safely frozen
  • Catch up on sleep – Make sure you have a good routine for going to bed in good time and waking up at the same time each day.  
  • Exercise –It’s important to keep moving, so why not go for a walk, do some yoga (try 30 days Yoga with Adrienne), try a daily workout app (eg. Centr are offering a free 7 day trial) or just have a boogie in your bedroom?  
  • Meditate – Meditation can help focus your mind and keep yourself positive. Calm or Headspace apps are a great place to start. Try and get some fresh air when possible, being out in nature helps you feel grounded and relaxed.  

5) Start something new

A lot of people have something they’ve wanted to do or start, but never got round to – well, now could be the time! Here are some ideas to get started:  

  • Give it A Grow - try growing some seedlings or herbs and making your home greener and wilder.  
  • Sustainability initiatives – try something that is good for the environment like upping your recycling game, switching energy supplier or helping your home be more energy efficient. Check out Hubbub’s Live Savvy tips for easy inspiration to get started. 
  • Cook a new recipe or cuisine – e.g. Spend that extra morning time making an elaborate breakfast or try making your own bread. Here’s some inspiration.  
  • Do something creative – try some sketching, crafting, mending or recreating an item of clothing or learning a new skill.  
  • Start a great new series or film – try A Good Movie to Watch (you can also sort by mood).    
  • Start a good book – here’s some of our faves 

If you liked this, you’ll love Hubbub’s guide to Savvy Living, a hub of tips and inspiration to make the most of time at home, from making food go further to growing your own. With working from home expected to cost the UK an additional £52 million a week in bills, try these tips to save energy and money around your home. #LiveSavvy  

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