Oil isn’t just for frying!  Did you know cooking oils like olive oil and coconut oil can be easily reused and repurposed as a rich natural beauty alternative and are handy for cleaning and gardening? Intrigued? Read on.  

So, what can do you do with used cooking oil? 

Don’t pour it down the sink! When poured down the drain, oil, grease and fat clumps together in sewers forming masses known as fatbergs (fat ice bergs!). They may have a funny name, but they are a serious problem for the sewage system. They clog up large pipes that cost a lot to remove and cause widespread disruption - i2017 a 130-tonne fatberg was discovered by Thames Water in Whitechapel! 

Once you’ve cooked with oil, allow it to cool to room temperature. Next, strain it through a sieve to remove any pieces of leftover food. Transfer the strained oil to a reusable container like a mason jar or even the plastic container it came in. 

This oil can be reused to cook with once or twice again or repurposed for the following creative uses: 

1) Hair conditioner 

Many oils such as olive and coconut are rich in vitamins and amazing at adding moisture to your hair. For a natural deep conditioner, apply either coconut oil or olive oil to the lengths of your hair (roots too if your hair is extra dry) and cover with a towel or shower cap, leave for an hour (or overnight),rinse out THOROUGHLY and wash it with shampoo. The oil should leave your locks silky smooth! 

2) Make-up remover 

Tired of having panda eyes from leftover mascara? Oil is a simple ingredient that can get rid of tough and even waterproof makeup in no time. Simply apply an oil of your choice (we recommend coconut or almond oil) to a reusable cotton pad and wipe over your eyes to remove any makeup. Voila. We have plenty more DIY natural beauty tips here.  

3) Weed Killer 

New or used vegetable oils are a great eco-friendly way to get rid of weeds in your garden. Just add the oil into a reusable spray bottle and spray the weeds until they are entirely coated. Your unwanted friends will be gone in no time! 

4Paint remover 

Painting is an amazing way to add some va voom into old furniture and is a perfect relaxing weekend activity, but it always manages to get everywhere. To remove that pesky paint from your hands or hair, rub leftover cooking oil onto your hands and leave it for 5 minutes. Once the time is up, give them a good scrub and the oil should lift off. Easy as. We have plenty more DIY natural cleaning ideas here.  

5Protecting gardening tools 

The wind and rain can wreak havoc on gardening tools. Protect them from the elements by rubbing them with leftover cooking oil using a cloth. The oil prevents them from rusting and also helps stop soil from sticking to them, so they stay good as new. Oil also works wonders on pots, pans and even your bike chain to keep them in tip top condition! 

Live Savvy tip: save old t-shirts or sheets from the bin and transform them into useful cloths to use round the house. Simply cut them into 30cm x 30cm squares. They are perfect for dusting,  

Hungry for more? 

Looking for other ways to repurpose kitchen ingredients? Check out these DIY natural cleaning methods. They use simple ingredients that can work wonders at removing tough stains and can be just as effective as the heavily packaged and pricey counterparts in the shops! So pop on your marigolds and give these DIY spring cleaning methods a try. 

6 DIY cleaning products using kitchen ingredients