At Hubbub creativity and design has always been a key part of our process and the way we work. We love coming together to think up new products to inspire action, punny campaign names to catch attention and bringing complex issues to life through eye-catching installations.  

As working from home has become the new normal, we wanted to share ways we’re turning our homes into mini creative hubs and staying inspired during these uncertain times… 

1) Keep your desk space looking lovely 

It doesn’t need to look like it’s come straight out of an IKEA mag, but we’ve found having a beautiful clean and tidy work area is important. Treat your workspace as if it was your office desk! (Unless your office desk is always messy and covered in coffee stains).  

2) Put pen to paper

Have a break from the screen and switch up your way of working. Put pen to paper and stick to-do lists, ideas and mind-maps up on your wall. Before you know it, your entire wall will be filled with amazing ideas! 

3) Teams that workout together, stay creative together

At Hubbub we’ve well and truly jumped on the virtual fitness bandwagon -   and we love it! Every week we Zoom in for team Yoga sessions and HITT workouts - not needing to turn the camera on is a bonus.   

4) Stay social and share ideas!

Even though we’re not together, we’ve found lots of ways of staying social and connected. We’ve adapted our team brainstorms to virtual sessions, switching pads of paper for pages of Powerpoint to share notes and ideas. We eat digital breakfasts and lunches together and every Thursday we take it in turns to run the now infamous HubPub quiz night - which is a triumph of creativity, although we’re starting to run out of original team names (any ideas welcome!).

5) Go see some green

It can be helpful to go for a run (or walk) when thinking through ideas or challenges, especially if you’re lucky to live near some green space. Our Creative DirectorHeather, finds it especially liberating being active and going for a run or walk without needing to carry or have anything on her. Meetings filling your day? Why not take them on the walk with you and have a call rather than needing to sit by your screen?

Here’s a cheeky bonus…Some of the team have been sharing their favourite tunes to work to and we've created a Hubbub Team playlist! They’re worth a listen and a great way to get in the creative zone.


Are you a Uni student looking to spark creativity at home?  

We have just the thing for you! There’s still one month left to enter our #DesignByNature competition. We’ll be celebrating brilliant ideas which tackle everyday environmental issues. We have 3 live briefs on environmental issues which affect our everyday livesair pollution, water waste and fast fashion. There’s also lots content to spark creativity from insight and tips packs to our favourite Podcasts. 

The deadline to enter is the 25th May. Check out the designbynature website below to download the briefs and enter your idea.


Our designer Michelle has recorded a presentation all about Hubbub’s approach and an overview of some of our campaigns. If you’re a lecturer at a university or a student interested in checking it out, please get in touch!