Household energy prices continue to climb higher and higher each year, so we've pulled together some easy top tips on saving money on your energy bills and keep your home toasty.

1) Shop around for a better energy deal

People like U-Swtich and money supermarket allow you to compare prices of different energy providers so you can work out if you're on the best energy deal. Doing a simple search online takes minutes and can help you work out if you could get a cheaper deal, sometimes saving £100's on your bill. You can also call your energy provider to see if they can give you a better deal (these numbers are not always free so keep your eyes peeled). If you want regular updates, Money Saving Expert have a Cheap Energy Club providing regular advice.

2) Draft-proof your home

According to the Energy Savings Trust you could be saving about £35 a year, and it's super easy to do. Find where the cold air is coming in from (windows, keyholes and doors are good places to start) and plug those gaps. Making your own DIY draught excluder is a simple and cheap way to keep your rooms warm, here's a handy guide on how to make your own.

3) Secondary glazing film

Secondary glazing film is a temporary extra bit of insulator for your windows. You can order it online for as little as £7, or pop into your local DIY store. You can also try this with cling film or bubble wrap if you have it at home!

4) Bleed your radiators

It's common for radiators to accumulate trapped air which means hot water in your heating system can't flow as effectively and can't keep you as warm as they could. Removing air from your heating system, or 'bleeding' your radiators is straight forward when you know how - it’s time to get up close and personal with your radiators. Bald builders have got a great tutorial on how to know if it’s time to bleed your radiators and all importantly how to do it. 

5) Get to know your dials

Check your heating comes on and off at times that fit with your daily routine, and check it's at the right temperature. This might sound obvious but it's an easy one to forget amongst busy lifestyles. Making sure you have these in check will not only keep you warm when you're at home, but can also help you save money. Which? have a great guide on how to use boilers and thermostats, have a look and get to know your dials.

6) Layer like you’ve never layered before

An oldie but a goodie. Lots of thin layers are a really good way to trap heat in and big socks are a sure fire win.

Get more advice

If you want more advice or tips on heating your home, or to find out whether you're entitled to any support for your bills, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or Turn2Us.

Alternatively, if you live in one of the covered areas you can head to Fuelling Connections on Facebook, a local advice page on saving money and keeping your home warm.

Tell us how you keep bills down

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