Although it's getting warmer, with more of us working from home our energy bills are likely to go up. It's expected that working from home could cost a whopping £52 million a week extra across the UK! We've put together some ways to help keep your home cosy whilst saving money and energy, so before you start putting all your layers on, try these five tips. They come from our award-winning Live Lagom project which was a three-year exploration into sustainable living with with IKEA. 

'Lagom' is a Swedish word meaning just the right amount, not too much and not too little. We believe it's the secret to sustainable living because it’s what being conscious is all about - it's a way to live life to the full whilst not using too much or too little.

1) Draft-proof your home

According to the Energy Savings Trust you could be saving about £35 a year, and it's super easy to do. Whether it’s through the door, windows or floors. Turn your house into a plush blanketed wonderland! Things like thick curtains, rugs and draught excluders are perfect and all help to keep the heat in. Find out how to make your own draught excluder out of things you have at home here.

2) Bleed your radiators

It's common for radiators to accumulate trapped air which means hot water in your heating system can't flow as effectively and can't keep you as warm as they could. Removing air from your heating system, or 'bleeding' your radiators is straight forward when you know how - it’s time to get up close and personal with your radiators. Wickes have a simple video tutorial for how to bleed a radiator. It can even make your radiators quieter - bonus. 

3) Get to know your dials

Check your heating comes on and off at times that fit with your daily routine, and check it's at the right temperature. This might sound obvious but it's an easy one to forget amongst busy lifestyles. Making sure you have these in check will not only keep you warm when you're at home, but can also help you save money. Which? have a great guide on how to use boilers and thermostats, have a look and get to know your dials.

4) Shop around for a better energy deal

A simple search online only takes a few minutes, and can help you work out if you're on the best deal. It may surprise you to find out that switching to renewable energy can save you money, as well as being better for the environment. The Big Clean Switch is a site to help compare and switch to renewable energy providers. You can also call your energy provider to see if they can give you a better deal (these numbers are not always free so keep your eyes peeled). If you want regular updates, Money Saving Expert have a Cheap Energy Club providing regular advice.

5) Know your togs

Having the right duvet for time of year can help you sleep better as well as reduce the need for heating. Have a low tog duvet for summer and higher tog (or just add some throws) to keep you warmer in winter.

See how to get cosy this Christmas and save money here in this #LiveLagom vlog 

Get more advice

If you want more advice or tips on heating your home, or to find out whether you're entitled to any support for your bills, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or Turn2Us.

Alternatively, if you've been inspired by these tips get involved with Live LAGOM. It is open to everyone. Here are more ways you can get involved today.

1) Join the Live LAGOM facebook group and get chatting! This group is a lively, active, fun and supportive space to share ideas and information about living more sustainably at home. 

2) Visit IKEA’s Live LAGOM webpage for more ideas and inspirations. Some of the IKEA stores are now running workshops too. Check out What’s On at your local store to see.