Losing track of what’s in your wardrobe is easily doneSo much so that 80% of 16-24-year olds said that they’ve lost track of what’s in theirs! If we can’t remember what we own, it can be easy to think we need to buy something we don’t need or forget about something we used to love and wear all the time.  

If you've got some time at home, we've got the perfect Spring cleaning project. Finally tackle those overflowing drawers and re-discover what you already own. Follow the tips below to neaten up your wardrobe, you might unearth some gems you forgot about and save some cash that you might have spent on new stuff… 

1) Ask yourself this… 

Asking yourself these questions will make you think if you really do love or need the piece of clothing, or if you want to pass on. 

  • How does the item make you feel? 
  • Is it comfortable? And if it isn’t, are you still likely to get use from it either way? 
  • When did you last wear it and when will you wear it again?  
  • Do you have other things to wear it with?               

 You don’t have to do a total Marie Kondo (unless you want to!) and you don’t need to be really strict. But thinking these things through whilst you wade through the piles can be a really useful way to think more consciously about what you own.        

2) Getting started

Some people love sorting through their clothes, other people find it to be an absolute chore. If you’re someone who will do everything they can to get out of decluttering, then try and break things down into some steps that are easier to manage 

  • Work in manageable chunks. Working from home? Use the time you’d be commuting to tidy. Or, set aside 15-30 minutes in the morning or evening for decluttering. 
  • Tackle areas or types of clothes at a time. For example, one drawer a day, half the wardrobe, or all of your t-shirts or jumpers, and so on. 

3) Choosing how you want to organise

Everyone has their preferred way to organise. Have a look at the ideas below and pick which works for you!

  • Organise into seasons (where possible).  
  • Organise into types of attire: work, comfort, sport, going out. 
  • Organise into colour palettes that you wear regularly. For example, into beiges, browns and greens.  
  • Organise into types of clothing long-sleeved, short, knit, jeans, etc. 

Having things in groups or certain areas will mean you can make the most of what you own as you’ll be able to keep track of where things actually are! 

4) Pass on what you don’t want

if you're trying to create a more minimalist wardrobe, move clothes to a different area as you wear them (for example to a different shelf or the other side of the wardrobe) and over time you'll see which items have moved and that you're actually wearing the most. If you want to get rid of some items you no longer use, put them aside for now and when the time is right you can sell on, take to the charity shop, swap with friends, or take to a recycling bank if it’s no longer wearable. We have loads of tips here on what to do with your old items. 

5) And look after the clothes you’ve kept

 Still think your wardrobe needs a bit of a refresh? Fall back in love with those things you thought you might be tired of by following outips to breathe life back into your wardrobe. Make your clothes last longer by following these steps, and care for what you’ve kept with our clever laundry tips.   

If you put our top tips to practice, let us know! Snap a before and after pic of your wardrobe or drawers and share it with us on social media with the hashtag #WearTheMovement. Happy decluttering! 

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