Did you know in an average month in the UK, around 100,000 households will move into a new home? September normally sees a rush of students moving into new halls and rental homes too. 

We’re moving more often, but it never seems to get any easier! We’ve packed up 5 top tips to make moving a little savvier and more sustainable.

1) Box Clever 

If you know you have a move coming upstart saving boxes: large vegetable delivery boxes are great! Check out Freecycle to see if anyone nearby is giving away boxes or ask your local store or supermarket at the beginning of the day if they can keep hold of a few boxes for you before breaking them down. 

If you do buy boxes, heavy-duty cardboard ones that can be collapsed, stored flat and will be strong enough for your next move (and maybe the move after that!) are a clever move.  

2) Sheets ahead – use your bedding! 

Use pillowcases instead of black bin bags to bundle your things up – just as easy and minus the plastic! 

A zero-waste, zero effort method is to put as many clothes as you can in the middle of a bedsheet and then tie the corners of the bedsheet up together – no boxes or suitcases needed! Then all you need to do is unpack the other side and don’t forget to give the bedsheet a wash. 

3) For fragile items 

  • For delicate items that could be damaged in transit, bubble wrap has long been the solutionUnfortunately, bubble wrap is hard to recycle (many councils don’t accept it and it often has to be dropped off at specific collections points at supermarkets). Clothes and socks are a low-effort alternative for bubble wrap and can get you a bit more room for packing extra clothes. 
  • Transporting a big item like a mirror can be a nerve-shattering experience. So wrapping these with a duvet or fluffy blanket as padding can help keep it safe over the journey. 
  • Instead of buying new bubble wrap, padded envelopes often have bubble wrap in their lining and can be reused for your packing. 

4) On the case!  

  • Using what you already have saves having to spend extra on new boxes and bags. Heavy items like books are best transported in a suitcase – they won’t fall through the bottom! 
  • Got a shelf or drawer of little items that you haven’t had time to sort but still want to take with youKeep small and easily lost items (think trinkets and jewellery) safe by packing them into handbags. Handbags keep items grouped together, can stop necklaces from getting tangled and save small items from being lost in the chaos of the move. 
  • If you have a lot of little bottles (creams, beauty products or spices) clogging up your cupboards and filling your boxes - consolidate them! Pour the contents of all the nearly empty shampoo bottles into one and recycle the rest, or make a tasty spice mix from last few shakes of different spice jars. This way there will be fewer tubs and bottles to carry and lighten your load! 

5) Have a Kon-do Attitude 

If you’re packing up belongings and find lots of things that you don’t want to take with you to your new home, check out these guides to getting rid of stuff without throwing it in the bin.  

Hungry for more? 

Moving house is a great time to start fresh. Use it as an opportunity to switch energy or broadband provider. Use these handy switching engines to find the best deal for your new home and for the planet.