Don’t let that old carrot at the back of the fridge put you off. There’s plenty to be made from food we’ve forgotten about. Save time and money this festive season by diving into the depths of your fridge, and making the most of the odds and ends that you find. With your old jars at the ready, have a look at Hubbub’s Thristmas recipes and get ready to reuse and recycle in style.

Mark’s Preserved Lemons

If life gives you lemons, preserve them. Simple and delicious, this recipe will turn your citrus waste into something special. All 

you need is some lemons, salt, sugar, some herbs and olive oil. Traditionally used in Moroccan cooking, preserved lemons are guaranteed to spice up any stew, tagine or salad, and make a unique gift for loved ones.

Prep time 10 minutes. Preserve for 2 to 4 weeks. Find out how to preserve your lemons here.

Thristmas Chutney

Big up your cheese board this year with homemade Thristmas Chutney. A perfect combination of sweet and sour, this chutney will transform leftovers from ordinary to extraordinary. For that Christmassy taste, add some seasonal spices to onions, apples, sugar and red wine vinegar. Slather it on toast, serve it with leftover turkey or just gift it away. Old veg never looked so good.

Prep time 25 minutes. Eat straight away or store for up to two years. Find out how to make chutney here.

Khristmas Kimchi

Ferment to your heart’s content. This staple Korean dish made from fermented vegetables, not only has endless probiotic health benefits, it makes an excellent 

addition to any dish. Pop it on a pizza, tip it on your tofu or even mix it into soups and stews. Grab some cabbage, salt, rice vinegar and a couple of other ingredients, and you’ve given that old cabbage a new lease of life!

Prep time 15 minutes. Ferment for two weeks. Find out how to make kimchi here.

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