Milk, fruit and bread top the list of food most likely to be thrown away as people head off on holiday. What a shame when these items freeze fabulously. Find out more below.

1) Milk

Milk can be frozen and stored for months. It will expand slightly when frozen and needs some time to defrost.

2) Berries

Berries freeze nicely, although they may go a bit squidgy when defrosting. Sprinkle on top of your porridge, pop them in a smoothie or whip up a healthy summer pudding.

3) Bananas 

Bananas freeze fantastically without their skin. Use frozen bananas to make a healthy alternative to ice cream, or coat them in melted chocolate before freezing for a sweet treat.

4) Eggs

Don’t freeze your eggs in the shell. Break them in a bowl and beat until the yolk and egg white is just about blended. Put the mix in an airtight container and label with the date and number of eggs used.

5) Bread

Slice and freeze your bread to keep a constant supply of fresh toast.

6) Cheese

If grated and stored in an airtight container holds up great in the freezer. Toss on top of a pizza or pasta dish to give it a brie-lliant kick. Soft cheese doesn't freeze so well.

7) Chopped up chilli and herbs

Seal in a clip lock box to avoid frost bite.

8) Cakes, brownies and biscuits

Believe it or not, they can all go in in the freezer. If you have any left that is. Wrap well.

9) Tomatoes

Blitz before freezing and keep in a sealed container. You'll have tomatoes for sauces to the ready at all times.

10) Al dente pasta

Slightlyunder-cooked pasta is best for freezing. This avoids it turning starchy when you reheat.

11) Vegetables

Vegetables can be frozen. If they naturally have a high water content it's best for them to be pureed or stewed before freezing.

12) Wine

Wine can be frozen, just like water. It works best with wines that taste better chilled (like white or rose).

Foods that don't freeze well

  • Some herbs - basil, chives and parsley turn brown in the freezer.

  • Yogurt - use up your yogurt in a smoothie before heading off on holiday.

  • Some dairy - soft cheeses, cream cheese, cottage cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream.

  • Fresh salad greens - finish these off with our favourite recipes for lonely looking lettuce. 

Still feeling confused about freezing? Don't worry. We’ve done some research to help debunk common freezer myths!