We’ve raided our fridges and spoken to expert chefs to come up with ten totally delicious, super easy dinner recipes. All of our meal ideas have an environmental twist, so get your apron on and we’ll polish your green halo while you’re cooking. 

If you’re missing ingredients for these quick meals, either leave the ingredients out or get creative and make a substitute. Our top ten store cupboard substitutions might help!  

1) Rustic passata pasta with leftover basil stalks

This is an easy meal. Basil and other herb stalks often end up being wasted after we’ve used the leaves. There is lots of flavour in the stalks, so it would be a waste of flavour not to use them. Pair this passata with pasta or on pizzas.  

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2) Caponata – Sicilian aubergine and courgette stew

Inspired by Sicily, cooked in your kitchen. This recipe really sings when using locally produced seasonal food where all of the flavours have fully developed. Eating local foods in season offers an environmental bonus. The produce will have travelled less miles, it is less likely to be found in plastic packaging and will have needed fewer pesticides and inorganic fertilisers to grow.

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3) Kedge or Vedge

Kedgeree combines the dual traditional British Friday night foods of fish and curry, and is so full of flavour that it works without the fish too. It is traditionally a breakfast dish, but is also great for lunch or dinner. What’s more, it’s a perfect home for leftover rice, and odds and ends of herbs and greens. What’s not to like?   

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4) Bowl food (perfectly layered, nourishing dishes every time)

A big bowl of colourful, nourishing food is good for the body and the mind. Eco-chef Tom Hunt shows us it can be good for the planet too. Tom explains how to prepare ingredients very simply, use his guide to help you invent combinations using what you have available.

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5) Eggless mushroom & greens frittatas

These frittatas by natural-chef Nena Foster are made from the very versatile pulse, the chickpea. Pair them up with a seasonal salad to make a quick dinner. Chickpea flour is essentially dried, ground chickpeas—fancy that? Chickpea flour can be used to make pancakes or flatbreads as well as these little eggless frittatas.

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6) Veggie Irish stew with spelt dumplings

We subscribe to the less and better approach to meat, with a largely plant based diet helping us to reduce our planet warming emissions, and the occasional bit of meat as a treat. This mouth-watering Irish stew from in-house chef Mark Breen is given the full Hubbub treatment, with plant based sausages and fluffy spelt dumplings.

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7) Coconut, aubergine and chickpea curry

Curry in a hurry, a delicious easy dinner. A light, fragrant, flavoursome curry - a perfect winging it recipe, try tasting as you go and experimenting with different spices. This is a perfect summer dish as aubergine comes into season around now. Recipe from Nick Wilkinson, the winging it chef.

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8) Hake brandade and poached eggs

This recipe provided by head chef Mike Brown from Hood restaurant in Streatham is popular in France, Spain and across the Mediterranean. A great way to use up leftover milk, potato, bread and cooked fish or fish trimmings, which are some of the most wasted foods in the UK. A wonderful, creamy dish with a deep taste of the sea.

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9) Spanish chicken livers with patatas bravas

If you eat meat, you need to get on the 'nose to tail' train. Offal offers an exciting range of textures and flavours. This amazing Spanish recipe is the ideal gateway drug for the offal novice. Enjoy this quick and easy meal and let us know where your offal adventure takes you next!

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10) Moussaka with charred aubergine and ricotta

This easy moussaka with charred aubergine, live yoghurt and ricotta by food activist and eco-chef Tom Hunt is full of flavour and sustenance. Tom shows us how to put fresh, flavoursome produce centre stage in recipes that make use of every ounce of an ingredient. 

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Food savvy tip

If cooking every night isn’t your thang, then get to grips with cooking ahead of time.

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Hungry for more? 

Find out what food is in season. Eating local fruit and veg at the right time of the year has loads of benefits. Nutrients and flavours are fully developed, the food is likely to have travelled fewer miles and it will probably save you a few £££s. 

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