Pumpkin pie smoothie

Looking for something to kick start your mornings? This delicious spiced pumpkin smoothie is sure to get you off to a flying start!Read more

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Don’t throw away those seeds. They are not only tasty with soups and salads and a convenient snack they are also a superfood; very rich in zinc. They also contain plant compounds known as phytosterols, and free-radical scavenging antioxidants, which can give your health an added boost. Find below a recipe to preserve them and make them super tasty.Read more

Shepherd's pie

Nothing says simple, homely comfort like a Shepherd's Pie. This healthy and affordable meat-free version from Made in Hackney is perfect for filling up tiny tummies - and to get the kids involved in the cooking too.Read more


£12 million worth of food is wasted in the first week of the summer holidays alone. #TravellersCheck helps you to wave goodbye to holiday food waste.Read more

Tom's pear tarts with crumble topping

These tasty tarts is a perfect pick for kids parties or packed lunches. Get your little chefs to practise cutting and greasing, before granting them with a very sweet return.Read more

Tom's butternut and sage soup

A warming, hearty meal for the whole family from Tom Aikens & School Food Matters. This simple and tasty soup freezes great so cook up a batch and keep some spare for days when school run runs late.Read more

Scrumptious scones

Elmlea's simple twist on Britain's favourite tea-time treat is perfect for getting little kings and queens excited about cooking.Read more

Jamie Oliver's ABC to bread baking

Jamie Oliver's Cookery School is here to tell you all you knead to know to fill the house with the smell of fresh bread. Baking bread is a great and safe activity for kids to get stuck in - no knead to worry about knives, ignore the mess and get those tiny hands kneading.Read more

The power of nudging eyes

Would the feeling of being watched stop you from dropping litter? Hubbub was intrigued to see if watchful eyes could be used as a way of stopping rural littering, as part of a new social experiment in the Forest of Dean this summer.Read more

'Get in your greens' broccoli and lentil spiced soup

You can adapt this recipe to suit any of the veggie leftovers you find - adding plenty of broccoli to make sure your children get in their greens. Soups are a brilliant way to hide any veg they don’t like!Read more